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2018 Feb 20th:  New arrivals of this week

Shells of last update (Feb 13th)

2018 Feb 6th

2018 Jan 30th


2018 Jan 23rd

Marine Bivalves (9)

2018 Jan 16th

Marine Bivalves (8)

2018 Jan 9th

Marine Bivalves (7)

2018 Jan 2nd

Marine Bivalves (6)

Happy New Year

2017 Dec 26th

Marine Bivalves (5)

2017 Dec 19th 

Marine Bivalves (4)

2017 Dec 12th 

Marine Bivalves (3)

2017 Nov 28th 

Marine Bivalves (2)

2017 Nov 23rd

Marine Bivalves (1)

2015 Apr. 8th  our book  

The Freshwater Bivalves of China

Buy on ConchBooks

2015 Apr 6th: our book Shells on Stamp

 Buy in ConchBooks

2015 Apr. 5th  3rd Issue of Shell Discoveries

 Buy in ConchBooks

2nd issue of Shell Discoveries  

Its description on Conchbooks

Nov 2012:

First Conchonogist Journal in China Mainland

Jul 2011: Interesting boring (my article on American Conchologist)

Jun 2011: Shell collector from Russia

Jun 2011: My shells donation to National Zoological Museum of China

Aug 2010: My Book in ConchBooks catalogue 48

May 2010: Mangrove: home of thousands of creatures 

May 2010: Chinese Elements 

- New works on shells by Mr. Willem Labeij (3)                    

May 19th: Beauty in Symmetry (Continued) 

                   - New works on shells by Mr. Willem Labeij (2)

May 2010: Beauty in Symmetry

          - New works on shells by Mr. Willem Labeij (1)

Apr 2010: My collection of Clausilids

Apr 2010: Neptunea Cumingi - so variable a species

Apr 2010: My collection of Conus tessulatus

Aug 2009: Travel in , peninsula of North China Sea

May 2009: Shelling trip in south China

Feb 2009: Map of fishing block - East China Sea

Jan 2009: Living picture of rare cowry (1) (2),

Dec 2008: Shelling trip to East China Sea

Aug 2008: Shells in Forbidden City Palace Musume

Jan 2008: Hiking in Gongga , Mountains

Oct 2007: Shelling Trip in Shandong Province

Aug 2007: Alpine Plants in Tibet;   Shelling Trip to Tibet

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