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Jan 2008: Hiking in Gongga Mountain
Date2010/2/24 19:52:00 Total[4720] click [Print]


We had a hiking exploration at Gongga Mountain with a team of friend in Jan 2008. My 12-year-old son also participated

Picture of my son, taken at the departure camp, altitude 4000 meters.

Fragile alpine lichens, altitude 4300 meters

Camp site for the 1st day,  altitude 3700 meters, a pure world

The peak of Gongga Mountain, viewed from the camp site, need a lot of luck to see because it is usually covered by heavy cloud

Finally we saw the peak completely out from cloud before sunset. The low parts of the mountains already turned dark yet the peak is still bright because of its height of 7756m

Picture taken in the 2nd day: the forests view at the south side of the moutains 

Primitive forest in Gongga Mountains

the 3rd day   It is me

Ganoderma at woods

Seabuckthorn tree is usually small and low but it exceeds 10 meters high in Gongga mountains. The plant is rich in fruit, it taste sweet and sour, quite refreshing!

The dead yak falling from cliff.  Most of our journey were along the cliff

Scene of Bawanghai, beauty is beyond description

Scene of Bawanghai

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