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Some Tips of Using this website
Date2009/10/4 13:42:00 Total[5083] click [Print]
1. New arrivals of current week: click the "New arrival of this week" linkage on homepage
   All specimens except current week display are categorized at the left bar of homepage named "Available specimen" 

2. There are several entries under "Available specimen", click any of them you will find shells family names in alphabetic squence. e.g. "Available specimen"-->"Marine Gantropoda"-->"Cypraeidae"

3. In each family, specimens are presented alphabetically by species name.  At below part of each page, there are page indicators help you to seek species name quickly
4. For each family there is a filtering tool helping you to focus on the shells location--> select "China" or "outside China" at the choice box under top bar
5. Every specimen for sale has its unique code and individual photo(s). Usually the photo shows the views of the same shell from different dirctions. 
Click the photo you will enter a subpage to view bigger image(s) showing details and the size/quality/location information.
6. Once sold or reserved, the specimen will be removed away from "Available Specimens".  It is still seachable via the "search" tool above the top bar of home page. Key in the specimen code, select "specimen code" at the next box and follow with a click on "search". 
This function is used for customers who want to view the photo after order is placed, or to review in receiving check. Please note that due to capacity constraint, after 4 months of the specimens sold, its image will be deleted from the website, no further accessible.
7. If you do not want to seek specimens by family, the other way is to use the "search tool" with a species name (latin name, not commercial name) to find specimens directly. In this case, you will get both available specimens and recently sold ones at the same time;
If you prefer a shell list including the size/quality/location information and in Excel spreadsheet format, please email to me for a copy:
8. You can place on-line order without any registration or log-in.
Only after you complete the receiver and deliver information, preview the order, click the last "confirm" and get the order number from the system, the order is validated.
   You can use the order number to check the its handling status, fill the order number in "order follow up" box of my website (homepage, left column)
If you do not want to place order on-line, you can alternatively order by email with a list of name and code for specimens you want. If you list specimen name only without code, I will select for you from my stock the good ones of my best judgement.
9. I usually response within 1 day to any order and inform the shipping fee.  If a buyer can not receive reply of order confirmation from me, most probably it is the problem of buyer email system (too strict barrier in filtering incoming emails, etc). In this case, please check your email setting or try to leave message to me at the remark column of on-line order.
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