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First Conchologist Journal in China Mainland
Date2012/11/21 13:52:00 Total[3533] click [Print]


Shell Discoveries is the First Conchologist Journal in China Mainland, it focus on mollusks found in and around China, share with the world with information about Chinese shells and conchology as well as introduce shell knowledges and related activities to Chinese shell lovers.

The language is Chinese or English depending on different purpose and contents, some articles have bith English and Chinese. All captions are with both English and Chinese.

The journal is edited by "shellsfromchina"website (He Jing and colleagues) and is published by Conchbooks
Name of the Journal: Shell Discoveries
ISSN-No.: ISSN 2195-2396
Date of publicatio n of 1st issue: December 2012
Publisher: ConchBooks,
Publishing house, book-traders and antiquarian
Mainzer Str. 25, D-55546 Hackenheim, Germany
Copyright-Remark: © ConchBooks
    All rights reserved under international copyright conventions.
Size 210X285mm, 36pp colour printing
We will send a free copy to each customer who bought shell specimens from "shellsfromchina" in the past 12 months.  We will also distribute some copies to our friends, suppliers and traders, etc.  All postage on us but we may email to you recently to re-confirm the receiving address.  New customers will get one free copy also when we ship your parcel.
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