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Shell collector from Russia
Date2011/6/26 16:55:00 Total[4985] click [Print]
We have had quite some visitors from Asia, America and Europe, but never had one from Russia before.
In June we have the first visitor from Russia, Mr. Igor Ilyukhin.
Mr. Igor Ilyukhin was born in the city of Norilsk, the far north of Russia. He graduated from the Moscow chemical and technological institute named by D.I. Mendeleyev.
Mr. Igor Ilyukhin now lives and works in Moscow as a chemist, this June he came to Shanghai China for  a conference on Chemistry.
He is in his 50s now. He loves shells and is pound of his collection of 700 specimens and the support given by his whole family to the hobby.
Igor will be pleased to visit more shell dealers and collectors during his trips outside Russia. His favourite species are:  Turbinellidae, Coralliophila, Xenophora, Siliquaria, Vermetidae, Clanculus
Email of  Mr. Igor Ilyukhin :
2011 Shell calendar (by Igor Ilyukhin)

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